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Since our opening in 1991, we have evolved from Traditional Italian, to more of Steak House Italian while maintaining the integrity of our family recipes.  We buy only aged USDA CHOICE beef and cut all steaks in-house to ensure that our customers receive consistent quality with every visit.

How do we do it?

At Domenico’s, we take pride in everything we do and it shows in not only the food and service but also in the longevity of our employees.  Stan Looten, our kitchen manager, has been with us since 1992, over 23 years!  A majority of our wait staff, bar tenders and hostess have been serving our guests needs from 5 to 12 years.

Mark Arcobasso

Owner & Head Chef

Our Family Tree

Owner, Mark Arcobasso, comes from a restaurant oriented family in St. Louis, where his father, uncles, brothers and sisters have owned and operated restaurants since 1970. He got his start at his parents restaurant Domenico’s in Florissant and began cooking at age 12 and almost 40 years later still plays the role of Chef.

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