Diet and Eating Habits on Cytotec

I’ve been receiving messages of various forms, (e.g., e-mail, sms, chats) from friends asking me about weight loss pills that work fast. And my classic reaction is always like, “my goodness…I don’t even need to use one!” Hahaha…but of course, I understand that they were just trying to get some info or if I knew someone who’s using some kind of effective & safe diet pills.

Sometimes I would just like to tell them to exercise regularly and have discipline, especially when it comes to food and eating habits. Two days after purchasing Cytotec from, I took another drug that caused bleeding. After that my stomach began to hurt, not after Cytotec. The next day, ultrasound testing showed that it’s ok. Smile Well, and luckily I don’t have to be worried about losing weight…obviously, my concern is the opposite of it. But now that I’m learning to love cooking and so far enjoying it, hmmm…pretty much optimistic that it’ll help me gain just a little more weight. Hahaha! Best of luck to me.