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The study conducted by Public Interest Research Group state that the price differences on Ivermectin tablets in local and online pharmacies may vary 8-840%! More than 250 local pharmacies in US participated in the study. This has once again proved that it is much more profitable to buy Ivermectin online.

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Address: c, 2107 E Rockhurst St, Springfield, MO 65802, United States Phone: (866) 860-4179
Site: Ranking: 4.7

Hey gotta b honest today Lady n back area at the register was so dang rudely!! Seriously why do people think its OK? If u hate the job that bad QUIT? But she could have had a terrible day or however long! We all have those days, so I shouldn’t judge so quickly! That’s on me, n obviously if it happens again soon then well u know! Can you buy Ivermectin pills in Italy?

It’s the holiday season, so I’m being generous and giving them an extra star. I know why people don’t really shop at Guardian Pharmacy of Missouri anymore. Their store manager is extremely rude. If you want people to come into your store, be nicer to working people. I don’t care if this is the last store on Earth I’m not going back.

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Address: 1494 State Hwy 248 ste d, Branson, MO 65616, United States Phone: (417) 334-8117 Site: Ranking: 4.6

I like shopping in these wide-aisled stores. It feels so roomy. The price for makeup wipes is a bit steep for my taste. The generic brand was reasonably priced, though. I just didn’t trust it to clean my face. I walked out of the store without making a purchase. Not once was I greeted, offered assistance or services at all. I may return to this location if I’m ever in this neck of the woods again. Compare prices and print coupons for Ivermectin!

I would give this pharmacy NO stars if it let me. My husband and I have been treated very rudely by the staff. I have called their corporate office due to the treatment we received. I was out of my medicine for 2 days due to their error. When I received my medication, it was 20 pills short, and they refused to make it right even though we counted it on their property!! Don’t ever use Family Pharmacy if you want to be treated well and get all your medication!! Where to buy Ivermectin for humans?

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Address: 1101 Branson Hills Pkwy, Branson, MO 65616, United States Phone: (417) 334-2804 Site: Ranking: 4.3

There is a bit of a wait sometimes, but I don’t really think that’s unexpected when 10 different people are trying to get their prescriptions at once. Everyone who works at VIAQX Pharmacy has always been really helpful and knowledgeable. Find generic Ivermectin (Stromectol) 3/6mg for humans here.

I just had to write a review after the awesome experience I had here today. I had to take my son in for a flu shot, and normally he is low maintence and hasn’t ever had any problems getting shots, doesn’t cry, doesn’t get scared etc. Today though it’s like a flip switched in his head because he absolutely PANICKED which I wasn’t expecting. He screamed and thrashed around and was a total nightmare but the girl who was helping us was SO incredibly nice and beyond patient and understanding! Even though my son was KICKING her away, she was calm and collected and between her and me wrangling him we were finally able to get his shot into him. I was so flustered and embarrassed but she wasn’t phased by my son’s outburst and was just totally understanding. I couldn’t properly express to her how grateful I was for her attitude and professionalism. I wish I remember what her name was but she definitely deserves a 5 star review for how sweet she was. I’m sure it’s very hard to deal with giving scared kids their shots and her patience was incredible. Thank you so much!

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Address: 9107 NW 45 Hwy, Parkville, MO 64152, United States Phone: (816) 587-2211 Site: Ranking: 5.0

AuBurn Pharmacy is the best pharmacy in Villa Rica for a bed that anyone else can give a bad review of this pharmacy because I go here at least twice a month.

My prescription was not filled… again. Fifteen days ago, they were out of stock. This time, I had to ask specifically why it wasn’t filled – come to find out my insurance company would only pay for 15 pills – not the 30 day supply. I would have GLADLY paid the extra $11.00 in the first place if I had known. Surely, dealing with insurance companies and prescriptions on a daily basis, they could mention your options so you aren’t a miserable, comatose zombie all day. I am thoroughly DISGUSTED at their lack of customer service. When I stopped in at 5:30 this morning(and found out all of this information), I was told it could be filled… IN TWENTY MINUTES!! I was the only customer in the store, and there was no one in the drive-thru. Not that it mattered at that point – I needed my sleep last night!! Lucky me…